Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After Trimester 2

I have learned a lot, and am very thankful for my knowledge about money. I was introduced to Dave's teachings before I took Financial Management B, and it was really cool to expand that. I started reading his book "Total Money Makeover" and really liked it, so I figured I would give this class a try. I put my self on a budget before this class and used the envelope system. Now I use a variety of the forms Dave recommend. For example, I now use the Breakdown of Savings form to keep my account more organized and so I do not spend the wrong amount in a certain category. I thought it was really neat learning about factual information such as the fact that if you use a credit or debit card you spend 12-18% more than if you were to use cash.
Saving for a car really helped with my knowledge about saving. I squeezed every dollar out of my pay check and left no blow money, and it was tough at times. Though, in the long run, it was defiantly worth it. In my mind, going through the struggles of budgeting on my own, and then finally achieving the goal, I take much more pride than if it was easy to get it.
Now that I have learned a lot of Dave's teaching, I have been able to help others around me with budgeting. It has been a great experience becoming smarter in the money world. I am glad I learned all that I now know before I actually was in debt. I now know how to stay out of debt so I do not have to go through the struggles of being in debt.
I do not plan on ever having a credit card, and hope that when I am much older that my husband will not either. I am considered the nerd as far as budgeting goes, so I am assuming I will be the one in charge of the money.

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