Friday, January 27, 2012


Many people don't bargain shop because they have never been taught how to. Now that I know the tactics salesmen try to pull of people, I can use the tactics that Dave taught us to negotiate. One of them that I know I will not be able to try is shut up. It would be hard for me not to talk in a negotiation. I will always try to keep a "win-win" situation in my mind so it could benefit my chances of getting a deal.
I also learned the power of cash. Cash is visual, emotional, and immediate. If you use the power of cash in negotiating, you will higher your chances of getting the deal you want. This is because when a salesman, or an individual who is selling something to you,  sees the money they will want it then and they will get it then if they okay your offer. Verses someone using a credit card.

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